Olympic Themed Messy Church at Wellspring

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A good number of children, parents and church volunteers met together at Wellspring Methodist Church, Canal Road, Congleton, on Saturday 20 August, to enjoy an Olympic themed Messy Church.

Activities began with flag making – people chose which country they wanted to copy the flag of, or opted to create their own!  We then engaged with a warm-up of our bodies (as all Olympic competitors would do), and of our voices as we joined in singing a very active song together.

Further craft activities included printing the Olympic Ring logo, making a crowd of people, rugby finger puppets, designing a discus with lots of circular patterns on it, an Olympic torch, medal-making (including very popular edible ones), and making acrobats that turned somersaults down a ramp.  Alongside these crafts, there were a range of sporty activities people could try too – basketball goal scoring, aiming at targets, skipping, bat and ball skills, bouncing on large inflated ‘hoppers’, and by far the most popular, hockey (Team GB had won gold in hockey the night before; maybe this explained the hockey popularity).

Following our hour of crafts and sports, we had a short time of worship together before enjoying lunch with one another.

A great time was had by the children, the parents and the superb band of helpers from Wellspring Church.

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