Ordinands at the Methodist Conference 2016

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The Chester and Stoke-on-Trent was delighted to have three Probationers ordained at the 2016 Methodist Conference; Revds Christine Dutton, Jennifer Matthews and LingYu Ji. 

Thank you to Revd Denise Harding for providing the photos below.

Revd Christine Dutton with Revd Inderjit Bhogal who ordained her

Revd Jennifer Matthews outside Methodist Central Hall after her Reception into Full Connexion

The crowds spilling out onto the street to greet the ordinands after the Reception into Full Connexion

Revd Christine Dutton with her family outside MCHW (Westminster Abbey in the background)

Revd Christine Dutton and her husband Charles after her ordination at Surbiton Hill Methodist Church

Revd Christine Dutton

Revd Jennifer Matthews


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