Study Deepens Insight into Why People Turn to Foodbanks

West Cheshire Foodbank has been operational since November 2012 and has now issued over 10,000 food parcels to local people in crisis.  The Methodist Church has been heavily involved in supporting the foodbank by providing volunteers, food and funds to cover costs.

West Cheshire Foodbank has always aimed to question why people are becoming hungry in our society and what we can do about it, and has just published a research report to help answer those questions.  Adopting a mixed-method approach, Cheshire Hunger combines statistical analysis of data specially collected through its voucher scheme with stories shared by those visiting foodbank centres.

The report emerges from a collaboration between the foodbank, the University of Chester, the Trussell Trust and a number of local voucher-holding agencies.  The findings lead to recommendations for policy makers to help tackle the rise in crisis food poverty over recent years.  To find out more visit



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