Chair of District: Revd Helen R Kirk
Deputy Chair: Revd Linda J Catlow
Secretary of the Synod: Mr Ian C White
Presbyteral Synod Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Synod: Revd Chris J Ambler
District Safeguarding Officer: Mrs Fiona Weir
District Administrator and PA to Chair: Mr Rob Glassonbury
Mission Consultant: Revd Peter Hancock

Education & Youth Oversight: (vacancy) 
Children's Work Secretary: Mrs Jacqui Gillon
Youth Team Secretary: (vacancy) 
Working Positively Together Contact: Mrs Ruth Pickles
District Ministries Team Coordinator: Mr Ian White
District Project Manager: Mr Ian White
Church Membership Secretary: Mr Rob Glassonbury

Disabilities Adviser: (vacancy)
Local Preachers’ Secretary & Tutors’ Coordinator: Mr Brian Gordon
Continuing Development in Ministry Secretaries: Revd Dr Christine Dutton and Revd Andrew Emison
LWPT Convener: Mr Stanley Clowes
Candidates' Committee Secretary: Revd Andrew Emison
Probationers’ Secretary: Revd David Goodwin

Evangelism & Training Coordinator: Mr Brian Barber
District Training Fund Coordinator: Mr Lloyd Cooke
Ministerial & Diaconal Sabbaticals Secretary: Revd Margaret Eaton
Ministerial Development Review Officer: (vacancy) 

Methodist Women in Britain President: Mrs Sylvia Harrison
Methodist Women in Britain Vice-President: Mrs Kath Roberts
Methodist Women in Britain Secretary: Mrs Mavis Bailey
Churches Together in Cheshire Agricultural Chaplain: Ms Sharon Mayer
Action for Children Secretary: Mrs Ina Bratt
MHA Secretary: (vacancy)

Ecumenical Officer (Cheshire): Revd Pat Billsborrow
Ecumenical Officer (Staffordshire): Revd Margaret Eaton
Interfaith Officer: (vacancy)

Property Secretary: Mrs Sally Graham
Grants Secretary: Mr David Pickles
Manses Secretary: Mrs Margaret Done
Archivist: Mr John Anderson
Media Officer: (vacancy)
Prayer Handbook Editor: Mrs Sue Taylor
Lay Employment Secretary: Dr Bruce Lane
Deputy Complaints’ Convenor: Dr John Jefferson

Synod Correspondence Secretary: Revd Margaret Eaton
District Policy Committee Secretary: Mr Rob Glassonbury
Englesea Brook Project Director: Mrs Ruth Hilton

District Treasurer: Mr Steve Best
Fund for the Support of Presbyters and Deacons Treasurer: Mr Andrew Stolworthy
Methodist Women in Britain Treasurer: Mrs Margaret Lindley
Education & Youth Treasurer: Mr Ken Martin
District Account Auditor: McLintocks
Fund for the Support of Deacons and Presbyters Auditor: Mr Ian Barron
Education & Youth Account Auditor: Mr Ian Barron
Fund for Property Treasurer: Mr Rob Glassonbury
Fund for Mission in Britain Treasurer: Mr Rob Glassonbury
Fund for World Mission Treasurer: Mr Rob Glassonbury

Representatives to connexional bodies:
Methodist Council: Revd Linda Catlow
Central Finance Board: Mr Steve Best
Lay Stationing Representative: Mrs Val Mayers
Methodist Women in Britain Forum Rep: Mrs Chris Thompson

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